Caught Aboard the:

" Big Shooter"


I fished today with Mason Williams and his wife Mary, the "Designated Fisherwoman", aboard his boat the "Big Shooter".

We acquired a net full of mullet inside Port Canaveral and and took off for Pelican Flats cruising out at reduced speed due to the 2-3' wind waves on top of a 3-5' swell generated from far off hurricane Helene. We found a number of large patches of Sargasso weed a mile or so inside of of Pelican Flats loaded with small Blue Runners so we used the sabiki rod and added them to the live well also. We set up a drift and  caught and released a number of p-nut dolphin and had three or four schools of fish swim up to the boat while we were drifting. It was fun making Mary the "DF" and she did a great job catching most, if not all of the fish, handling the cobia all by herself from the strike to the gaff.

Another great day aboard the "Big Shooter" with, good friends, XM radio tunes, a steady bite, a beautiful day and a fish box full of groceries.
Our final tally for the day:
1 Cobia 28#
7 Mahi kept
1 Bonito released
1 shark released

Mason's wife Mary, today's "Designated Fisherwoman",
 proudly displaying her catch with her trusty companion YO-YO