Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


    Today my crew consisted of a fellow worker Frank Martin, Mike Ullian, and my son Eric who is visiting from Tallahassee for the first time since March. I wanted to get him out fishing and send him home with a little table fare for him, his wife and his extended family. It was also an excuse to go fishing and can you imagine me looking for an excuse to go fishing??? Started the day off as usual looking for pogies and after running the beach from PC all the way down to the Pineda Causeway without even a hint of a pogie we decided to run on off to Pelican Flats. We were forced to use the infamous "spinning minnows" (Spanish Sardines) and true to their nickname it wasn't very long before all of the line on my spinning rods was twisted to the max. The kingfish action was steady and the sharks, remoras and barracuda bit the sardines well and kept a rod bent most of the time. It was great having Eric out with me again and after your fishing buddies grow up and go their separate ways it's really a special thing to have them share a fun day again with a crew of fishermen that have such a great time. Back home and cleaned up by around 3 PM to avoid the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms.

Final tally for the day:
2 Cobia with one released to grow up
8 Kingfish with 6 kept for Eric's fish fry back in Tallahassee
4 Sharks
1 Spotted Wahoo (Barracuda Released)
3 or 4 Sneakerheads (Remora) Eric's favorite fish

Today's Catch