Caught Aboard the:

" Big Shooter"


With the "Goin Off" still down for repairs today I fished again with Mason Williams boat the "Big Shooter" Fishing today was Brent Williams, Mason, my son John and myself. My job today was again the designated cast-netter, deck hand and staff photographer.

We acquired pogies down near the steeple on the beach and shot out to 8A and began slow trolling and while letting out the baits right out of the chute up swims the 50 pound cobia and after a 40 minute fight Mason sinks the gaff and our tasty dinner is assured. About a half hour later another cobia come to the gaff and we've got some cobia for the freezer as well. Fishing for kingfish was slow but steady enough to keep us interested and we bagged four of them for the smoker as well

Back to the dock cleaned up again and off to a cobia dinner by 3:30 PM .

Our final tally for the day:

2 Cobia 50# & 40#
4 Kingfish

Today's Crew aboard the "Big Shooter"

Mason sinks the gaff in Brent's 50# Cobia