Caught Aboard the:

" Big Shooter"


Today I fished in Mason Williams boat the "Big Shooter" a 27 foot Grady-White open fisherman while the "Goin Off" was down for repairs. Fishing with us today was young Brent Williams, Donnie Poston, Joe Wright (visiting from Albuquerque, NM) and myself. My job today was designated cast-netter, deck hand and staff photographer.

After acquiring pogies down near the steeple on the beach we shot out to Pelican Flats and began slow trolling and action was more or less constant all morning and as the pictures show we caught a mixed bad of Mahi, kingfish and cobia.

Back to the dock cleaned up and off to a cobia dinner by 3:30 PM - Yummy !!!!!

Our final tally for the day:
6 Mahi - small but just legal
2 Cobia 40# & 45#
1 Kingfish

Today's Crew aboard the "Big Shooter"

Donnie & Joe holding their Cobia
Mason's dog YO-YO wants a piece of the action as well

Donnie & Joe holding their Cobia

Mason sinks the gaff in Joes cobia