Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Today we fished at 8A with Bob Torres who was a first timer for the "Goin Off". It was great having him and lucky for my son John and I that we were able to get a little action for his boss at the City of Cocoa Beach. In spite of the sweltering conditions and lack of adequate bait. Fortunately we stopped and netted a few sizeable live mullet in the canal on the way out. Got to the port this morning and wasted a good deal of time trying to find some pogies and ended up with only a very few. We were competing with a couple of dozen other boats crammed into the channel side of the cruise ship basin. Man I hate this port security and what good would it do any way. One guy in a center console with a Glock wouldn't stop a crazy middle eastern idiot hell bent on raising some Cain anyway.

We only had a couple of other knockdowns all day with one pulled hook and one mono leader cut off. with a Cuda grey hounding towards the horizon trying to shake the rig from his mouth. I don't like Cudas anyway, serves him right. From the lack of sounds on the radio today it was slow and it was hot as the devil again today.

Final tally for the day:
1 Dolphin - Estimated @12#
1 Cuda - Palm Beach Release
1 Shark

 Dolphin Caught By Bob Torres