Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


    Today my crew consisted of a fellow worker Tom Shepard, an old friend Ron Alford, and Buck Buchanan for his first ride aboard the "Goin Off". The plan of the day was to fish the other side for yellowfin tuna but the wind blew a little too hard all night and as I expected, a first light crossing a little too bumpy. We cleared the locks on the first passage at 6:00 am and easily got a net full of pogies in the port. We modified our plan to start the day at Pelican Flats slow trolling up a few kings and then we'd go looking for dolphin. The kingfish cooperated with our plan and we were limited out by 10:30 am and, by the time we limited out the wind had died down to nearly nothing. The seas had begun to die down as well so we decided to run offshore until we saw something we liked or, continue to the other side if conditions permitted. Fortunately we continued on and we found a 2 X 10 at 72 miles and we got our first three gaffers. While we were fighting them we spied another piece of flotsam about a quarter mile off and caught the other 7 gaffers on it. By the time we iced down the dolphin it was about 3:35 pm which didn't leave a lot of time to go looking for yellowfins. We did find three packs of birds and were able to boat 6 small but tasty blackfin tuna. One of the packs wasn't working tuna as I had hoped and we cart-wheeled a gaffer dolphin on the TLD50IILRS loaded with 80# Trilene. He got off near the boat before we could bring him to the gaff. Glad we decided to punch our way across and by the time we started back at 5:30 pm the sea had died down for a smooth ride home with a following sea at 32 knots. Gave one of the smaller dolphin to the PC lock master on our way west bound so he and his wife could enjoy a taste our success. We got back to my dock and cleaned fish for about two hours and the the crew gave "Goin Off" got a well deserved and needed scrubbing.

Final tally for the day:
6 Blackfin Tuna
8 Kingfish Skipjack Tuna
10 Gaffer Dolphin
1 Rainbow Runner
1 Spotted Wahoo (Barracuda Released)

Today's Crew Catch