Caught Aboard the:

" Deuces Wild"


These are pictures taken June 15, 2003 of a sailfish caught by Crystal of Cocoa, Fl. This was her first sailfish and as you can see it was another beautiful Central Florida day on the water. The fish was caught on a Blue-White Islander/ballyhoo combo in 160’ of water east of Port Canaveral, Florida. The small sailfish was released unharmed to fight another day. As you can see form the pictures I doubt the fish was out of the water for more than two minutes. She also caught and released a small (under legal size) cobia and a remora. Today my son John and I were fishing aboard the “Deuces Wild” another custom 2550 Bluewater with Capt. Bob Miller of Merritt Island, Florida., in the FSFA tournament. We lost a couple of kings that may have been weighable, but mister dolphin wasn't to be found anywhere. I hate fishing the full moon. We'll have to try again soon.

Crystal fighting the sailfish

Taking the hook out.

Smile for the camera !