Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Decided to play hooky today and my son John, Loren Rapport and I had a really great day. Left the house at the usual time 6:45AM and first order of business was some live bait and one toss of the net got about two dozen 6"- 8" mullet. Went through the locks and down the beach between PC and the pier and two tosses of the net topped off our live well with pogies. Proceeded southeast and started slow trolling livies at the south end of Pelican Flats and it only took us about 2 hours to catch 8 kings to about 30 pounds. Kept our limit of six and then  started trolling in 95' of water toward the east. Missed our first and second hits and one of them would have gone at least 25 pounds. Then caught and released another small king on the way way back and a spotted kingfish. Found some scattered weeds in 130' and began trolling south to stay way clear of the launch zone and  shortly after the launch got our dolphin. Loren managed to catch the one pretty good picture of the dolphin jumping.

Final tally for the day: 2 dolphin (one 35 pounds), 9 kingfish ( one 34 pounds), 1 spotted kingfish, and a spinner shark. Best of all flat seas and clear skies.

Dolphin Jumping

John with the dolphin and kingfish

Loren with the dolphin and kingfish

The Crew