Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Today we decided to fish in Masons boat the "Big Shooter" a 27 foot Grady-White open fisherman. Fishing with us today was young Mason Williams who was visiting from college at University of Florida as well as my youngest son John. We tested young Mason's predisposition  to sea sickness with a combination of Bonine and wrist bands and that seems to be what conquered his demons. He only threatened sea sickness one time all day about mid-day. I think that the constant action, consuming almost four dozen ballyhoo, had at least a little bit to do with him not getting sick.

The key today, as we discovered, was to blow buy the three or four distinct weed lines beginning at about 20 miles east of Port Canaveral and not stop until we found the "color change" about 30 miles off. This "color change" was milky green on one side and "cobalt" blue on the stream side with a very well defined weed line separating the two.

Action was consistent, but, not as frantic as our trip last weekend. We literally had a blast and the ocean at the color change seemed alive.

Our final tally for the day
16 Dolphin (including three releases)  -  between 5# and 20#

Today's Anglers

The Williams Boys

A Hitch-hiker