Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Took one of my co-workers Brandon Pittman with my son John & I today. Brandon moved here about a year ago from Alabama and had never been fishing offshore before and I had been promising to take him out, We got the usual live bait and decided to slow troll at Pelican Flats. Brandons first pelagic fish ever was a 28# king caught on 12# spinning tackle which he fought for almost an hour. The fish fried my baitrunner and it's up at Capt. Jacks for an overhaul. After catching a couple more small kings he was able to catch and release a bonito and one small dolphin. Not bad for a first time. We were a little late getting back and Brandon could not stay around long enough for a few pictures even though John and I let him do all the catching.

The days Catch for Brandon

Brandon's first pelagic fish a 28# King