Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


I was lucky to have both of my sons home for the Memorial Day weekend. The boat is going to get a lot of use this weekend starting with our fishing trip today. A good friend of mine Bob Miller joined us today for our trip. We initially had thoughts on a trip to tuna town, but, as we all know NOAA "missed" again today. The forecast for 5-10 knot winds, out to 60 miles, out of the south turned out to be 15+ winds out of the southwest to begin with, and ending up with 15+ out of the due west. We decided not to proceed further off when we reached 62 miles and the whitecaps were messing with the radar display. They did call it right in that after 2 PM in that it  did settle down and the sea did end up nice in the afternoon.

 As it turned out, a friend in another boat did continue on off and they found some yellowfins at 110 miles southeast of PC. They caught 4 in the 40# class and he told me they had to endure a brutal trip coming back across the stream in 6' seas, burning 200+ gallons.

As far as we were concerned we made the right choice and returned to fish the stream edge on the west side 33 miles out of PC. The pressure was on to put my oldest boy Eric into some fish and, with Gods help, and some hungry dolphin he was able to catch a 32# bull. We also caught some other dolphin to finish out a great day. These fish will also do some great setup for a meal of fresh fish on Sunday. When we have three generations all together.

Final tally for the day:
6 Dolphin  -  32# Bull and 2 - 20 pound cows and a few peanuts for appetizers.


Would you hurry up ??

Who's got who???


Da Boys

Dad and Da Boys with the catch of the day