Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Decided to do the father - son thing again today and we had a great time. Got the usual load of pogies and got a net full for another frustrated boater who had what looked like a 6 foot net. Just like anything, you can't get the job done right without the right tools. I'm glad we could help them out and I hope the pogies paid off for them. Anyway we ran out past 8A and started fishing in 140' of water and had one knockdown out to 200' after passing up the beginnings of a weed line in 135' (first rule, never pass up fishy looking water in search of fishy looking water). Decided to run back to the fishy looking water in 140' and caught the 15 pound dolphin after wasting all morning fishing in "dead" water. We decided to stop and drift with the weeds for a while and caught and released a couple of sharks. We kept getting cut off by what I thought were sharks until I caught the 13 pound kingfish quite by accident on 50# mono leader with a 6/0 short shank live bait hook. Finished the day by free - gaffing the 40 pound cobia since he and his brother would not eat a live pogie. I know it ain't very sporting, but it tasted the same as the last cobia I had near the end of March.

 I love those father - son outings. The only thing that really went wrong is that I broke one of my outriggers and a new pair will cost a little just under $300.

John with our catch

Me with our catch
(I really shouldn't do this to the camera)