Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


    Today  the crew consisted of Mason Williams, his son Mason, Frank Martin and myself. Started out the day as usual looking for the non-existent pogies, you got to wonder how it is that they can be here in massive quantities on one day and then gone the next. Anyway, except for a few mullet picked up from my canal on the way to the locks we headed for the briny blue with a fresh mahi dinner on our mind. We ran out and didn't slow down until we hit 280' and found some scattered weeds running in lines mainly east and west. We hit pay dirt with the 31 pound bull in 286' of water and then picked up the rest sporadically throughout the day fishing all the way out to 650'. Final thought, mission accomplished, fresh mahi-mahi for dinner, some for the freezer and a feeding frenzy for the catfish at the dock.

Final tally for the day:
11 Dolphin to 31 pounds

Franks 31# Bull & Mason's Cow Dolphin

Today's Catch