Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Second trip across to the other side today with Donnie Poston and Alan Coxe as my crew. With hind sight being 20/20 we picked the wrong day. Started out and it was bumpy to say the least crossing with a 2-3 foot wind chop on top of a 2-4 foot swell made the ride across uncomfortable except for those riding the bean bags. We crossed thinking it would lay down after about 10 am and make finding the birds a cinch. Wrong assumption, since it didn't lay down until after we had started home around 2 pm. We decided not to go beyond 85 miles off anticipating a long bumpy ride into a 15 knot wind chop all the way back to PC. Only found 2 packs of birds, the first were skipjacks and the second were yellow fin tuna fleeing for their very lives from a pack of pilot whales and the tuna didn't want to have anything to do with our offerings. I also believe that if we had been able to hook a tuna the pilot whales would have gladly plucked them off of the end of our string.

Stopped on the way back at a really nice weed line 50 miles out and saved the day with a 30 pound cow and a 7 pound bull.
Total distance traveled 228 nm, total burn 110 gallons. Can't wait to try our luck again.

Final tally for the day:
1 Skipjack tuna
2 Dolphin  -  7# Bull and 30# Cow


Donnie pumping the dolphin up

30 Pound Cow comes aboard

The Happy Fisherman Donnie Poston

Today's Crew with the catch of the day