Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Decided to go fishing again today with my friend Loren Rapport and my son John. Started the day a usual with a toss of the net for a few live mullet. Before heading out of the port stopped at the mouth and got a net full of pogies and hooked up another five or six boats with pogies as well. Got the pogies with the intention of stopping at 8A for a few kings but Loren and John decided to blow by 8A in search of dolphin. Ended up on a weed line north of PC in 160' of water drowning balao. Got our first hit around 9:30 AM and Loren fought a 10 pound schoolie to the boat side while I reeled in the rest of the lines. John & I pitched a couple of livies out on 12# test spinners and the 20-25# dolphin (below) inhaled both of them meaning a hooked dolphin with a back-up. Loren's fish got off at boat side before I could get the gaff ready so I handed him the other spinner and declared him the back up. John fought the fish for about 30 minutes before coming to the gaff.  I pitched another live out while John & Loren were fooling around and the hook on the bait got turned around and buried in the head of the mullet which resulted in another missed opportunity after pulling the mullet out of another 10#+ dolphins stomach 3 times before he took off.. Trolled another hour or so before boating the other fish. Fried dolphin for dinner yet again, Yummy!

The Catch

The Rest of the Crew