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" Goin Off "


Today we fished the WHTQ tournament and boy was it miserable getting offshore in the 3-5 foot seas with the wind blowing at 17 knots out of the southeast. From what I heard a large percentage of the boats turned around and since we were late getting out at 8:00 am there were a number of boats headed west in the PC channel as we were heading out. Put on the rain gear and chugged our way out to Pelican Flats and decided to try our luck with Kingfish and after the final result I'm glad we did. The water was so churned up and cloudy I didn't have much hope, but, luck was with us and we were able to boat the 12.8 pounder trolling a ribbonfish. Only had the one hit in 2 hours of fishing so we decided to troll for dolphin. Again we chugged our way out to 325 feet and only managed to boat the one small dolphin for our trouble. We pulled in our lines in 500 feet of water at 2:15 pm and raced to the weigh-in hoping that the little bitty king would pay off, figuring that if we ha such a hard time catching a king other boats would probably have the same problem. Fortunately my hunch proved right and when we arrived at the weigh-in at 3:40 pm our kingfish was the first one to be weighed in. Luckily, it held on the the third place on the board and we were rewarded with a check for $250.00 for our efforts. That made the kingfish worth $19.53 per pound, alright by me.

Final tally for the day:
1 Kingfish - 12.80#    Third Place Winner in "WHTQ Tournament"
1 Dolphin - 8# 

Third Place fish caught by Brent Williams

The Crew

My son John at the awards ceremony
Misspelled my boat name, dang!


The Third Place Check

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