Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Well, finally today I managed to take a vacation day and everything came together for my first "other side" trip since I had my 6 kw JRC model 2344 bird radar installed. I saved a bunch of money and I was very impressed with the performance of the radar. Finding birds today was not hard to do. Catching them, however, was different story entirely. We found the first pack of birds at 67 nm and then went on to find three or four more packs of birds before 11 am where we ended up 90 nm offshore. We finally figured out how to get them to bite without causing them to sound on the next pack of birds at 77 nm. We caught our first ever yellowfin tuna a healthy 30 to 40 pounder aboard the "Goin Off and my son John did a fine job. At the same time we had three other rods get hit and the hits were so violent and the drags we too tight and away went about $80.00 of tackle (blue cedar plug, purple and black jumbo speedster and a purple and black small speedster). The next pack at 71 nm netted our largest yellowfin at about 65 pounds. Shortly after that we found a killer weed line at 67 nm and managed to boat 8 dolphin between 5 and 30 pounds in just over two hours of trolling. At 2:30 pm we decided to go after the tuna again, we found a pack of birds at 71 nm and boated two skipjack tuna. We then took off looking for and found our last pack of birds at 67 nm. We again had three of the five rods we were trolling hook up and only managed to catch one 30 pound yellowfin. At 4:15 pm we called it quits and started the  long ride home. we arrived a PC at 6:45 pm and finally finished cleaning the boat and fish at 10:30 pm. A very long day to say the least, but, a day my son, my brother, and his best friend Alan Coxe

Final tally for the day:
3 Yellowfin tuna between 30# and 60#
8 Dolphin  -  between 7# and 30#

The "Goin Off's" first Yellowfin Tuna

The largest a 60 pounder

Today's Crew