Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Today we were late to the weigh in for the WHTQ Fishing tournament by no more than two measly minutes and it cost us at least a $250 bucks and more likely $1000 as the pictures below attest. Oh well, the story of my life a day late and in this case a $1000 short.

We were late to the weigh in because we were in 460' of water east of Sebastian 37.8 NM from the port we we iced the fish at 2:50 PM. I ran my twin 150 HPDI's at 4600 rpm all the way to the no wake zone at the cruise terminal and did the right thing by idling through the port. There were so many boats near the weigh in we could check in in time and it's just one of them things. Lucky for the world I didn't have a 50 pound plus fish or we may have gotten a little crazy getting to the scales and just paid the fine out of the winnings. Well enough crying over spilled milk and now to the pics.

The Crew