Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


I headed out today with my buddies Ron & Mike. Looked for bait and made some tosses at the mouth with everyone else. No Bait. OK, headed out due East, into dirty cold H20 till 135, dirty water,73 or so nice formed weed line and what I expected no fish. Keep going east with the water cleaning up and first fish at 160 water temp around 74. kept going east then ENE to about 290 water temp 76.0 Nice scattered weeds at time then clean. Rain gear on while trolling and you needed one hand to hold on frequently. Steady action with 8 knockdowns and 6 dolphins to about 14# in the boat pulled hooks on two near the boat. Today was the day to get out. It looks like it may be a good dolphin season.

Today's Crew

Ron Alford (aka "Seaspy") & Mike Krenn