Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


    Today we took a vacation day and everything came together for my first "other side" trip of the season. It was my brothers birthday and he told his wife and kids that tuna fishing was on his mind. After some really violent arm twisting on yours truly he was able to convince me to take him and some buddies fishing We cleared the locks at 6:00 AM, one toss of the net resulted in a net full of pogies which the Gulf stream was more than happy to boil for us, yes, the mid stream temperature change is fatal for them.

    Covered a lot of water today and was sweating profusely until we finally found the Yellowfins 80 nm or so off on the way back to PC at 3:00 PM . We found the mother of all weed lines on a rip at 96 nm off where we caught the dolphin and tripletail to ensure some eating fish. Worked our way southeast ending up at one point 122 nm southeast of PC then working south to within 17 nm of Walkers Cay. Boy what a long boat ride! As always, the boat preformed flawlessly covering a total of 294 nm burning a total of 154 gallons. Cleared the locks at 9:05 PM ending a successful birthday celebration albeit a long day.

Final tally for the day:
7 Yellowfin Tuna to 52#
3 Skipjack Tuna
2 Blackfin Tuna to 25#
6 Tripletail
2 Dolphin


Today's Crew
Birthday boy is the second from the left

Alan & Jeff

Sunset in the Gulf Stream

Jeff sippin' suds

Cruising home

Yours truly holding a 52 pound Yellowfin