Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Blue Marlin Catch off Port Canaveral

Thought you might like to use these photos of a Blue Marlin which was released shortly after noon on 3/24/2001.  It was hooked using a Blue/White Islander in front of a Ballyhoo in 537' of water east of Port Canaveral.  Water Temp was 76.1 degrees.

It was caught by angler Tom Shepard of Satellite Beach, Florida aboard my 2550 Bluewater.  We estimated the weight of the fish at 200 -235 pounds with a length of 12 - 13'.  We did not attempt to land the fish since the fight, which lasted a little over a hour, seemed to stress the fish and we did not wish to risk killing the fish by landing him.  The catch was legal under IGFA rules in that the fish was wired to boat side and the leader was cut.

Otherwise, fishing was slow and from what I heard on the radio the only people doing any good at all were bottom fishing.