Caught Aboard the:

"Goin Off"


Got up this morning, checked the buoys, threw a couple of coolers in the truck knowing full well that word on the street was that the Cobia had shown up in enough numbers to spend a half day vacation on a potential fresh fish dinner. Lets see, stress at work or relaxing afternoon chasing Cobia with friends. Do you see "STUPID" tattooed on my forehead? Scraped enough off of my plate at work to keep the folks busy, put the extended absence greeting on the phone, and high tailed it for the house at 11:30 AM. Mike showed at little after noon and Mario his neighbor met us at the ramp at the port. Cleared the PC entrance at 1:45 PM and found the fish and was back inside the port by 6:30 PM and Mike hightailed it to his kids basketball game at 8:00 PM. Good investment in a half day vacation and a much less stressful way to spend the afternoon

Our half day catch:
3 Cobia 55#, 35#, & 30#

Today's half day catch.