Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "

Thursday, 12/7/2006

Got up this morning and realized that today may be the last day where there would even be a chance to go offshore before the week or more long blow out based on the forecast. Called the boss and let him know that they'd have to do without me for the day and went and got a couple of coolers of ice. Called Buck Buchanan and he bailed on a bathroom he was remodeling for the day and his buddy Bill who was down for a few days from the frozen north to play a few holes of golf tagged along to round out my crew.

I forgot about the maintenance work going on a the Canaveral locks and I was able to get through at 11:00 am when the workers took a lunch break. I netted a few live mullet and pinfish and met Buck and Bill at the boat ramp and off we went.

Found the cobia southeast of the port near the barge wreck on the Brevard county artificial reef site and the rest is history. By 3:30 pm the front was on us, the wind picked up and the skies were overcast which are not "ideal" conditions for hunting cobia. Not a bad way to break a newbie in to cobia catching not to mention a some excellent table fare. Below is a quote from an email I received back from Buck:

Billy Jack wants to know when we're going cobia fishing again.......he can't stop eating the grilled cobia the way I fix it!

Sorry about the picture quality but it was after 6:00 pm when I got back to my dock at home.

Our final tally for the day
4 - Cobia to 40# with one 31" released to grow up

Buck and Bill with today's catch.

Guests for dinner !!!!!