Caught Aboard the:

"Goin Off"


Got up this morning pretty bummed since today is the last opportunity for my son John to go fishing before returning to the University of Florida to start his "last" semester, WOOHOO!! Anyway we decided to poke our head out and see if it was doable and I'm glad we did. The seas were a sporty 4-6' to say the least and the wind blown spray coupled with the 42 degree air made life pretty uncomfortable. After tossing the net and obtaining a load of jumbo pogies we were off to 8A. The ride to 8A was pretty wet and we spent most of the day in rain gear. The bite was fairly slow but steady and we managed to catch one real nice kingfish weighing in at 25 lbs 5 oz. The wind laid down in the afternoon and we were back at home at the dock by 5 PM. Really glad we gave it a shot, food for the table and some more tasty smoked fish.

Our final tally for the day:
5 Kingfish, one released to grow up and one dropped off to our friendly neighborhood lockmaster.

Johns catch today before back to the books.