Caught Aboard the:

"Goin Off"


Woke up this morning to a driving rain, wind and a generally bummed out attitude because I have been on vacation since Wednesday and Poseidon must have heard that I was was off and it's been blowing up a storm since. Well, anyway after the squall line blew through about 9:00 AM the sun came out and the wind died down and my attitude changed. Knowing I would not be able to go fishing for Christmas eve or Christmas day I called Mason and his son Brent, Mason called Mike and I grabbed my son John who is home for Christmas and rounded out today's crew. We cleared the locks just before noon and beat our way offshore in solid 3-5' seas. Unfortunately we couldn't run to the spot where we hammered the cobes last Sunday due to the seas but we were able to get to another spot after netting a few pogies. We saw one cobe and and baited him and he's the 36" cobe in the picture. We slow trolled some pogies and caught the two kings and a bonito at 8A and were back in the locks by 5:00 PM. All in all not a bad day after such a miserable start.

Our final tally for the day:
1 Cobia
2 Kingfish
1 Bonito released to fight another day

Today's half day catch.