Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


    Today my good friend Mike Ullian and I decided to take full advantage of the weather since neither of us had gone in about a month of gale force weekends. We obtained a couple of dozen live mullet along with a few miniscule pogies in my canal before netting a few greenies just outside PC. Our original thoughts were to do a little bottom bumpin', however, with the water color still a with a distinct muddy color we decided to run offshore until we found some cleaner water. We stopped in 130' in on a blue-green color change for about 45 minutes and managed to waste some of our live bait on sharks which are normally plentiful this time of year. We decided to move on offshore and found a clean water edge with a few weeds in 208' of water. It didn't take long and after a 20 minute tussle on spinning tackle Mike boated his first Blackfin tuna which weighed out at 29 pounds back at the dock. We reset our drift and picked 5 bailer dolphin and a few more sharks. Luck was with us today and Mike scored his first sailfish, after seeing one swim up that didn't want to eat. Needless to say Mike and I had a fun time and it was particularly satisfying for me to see him scoring two firsts with a few groceries to go along with it. Mike had to be in a little early so we packed it in and headed for home at 1 PM.

Final tally for the day:
1 Sailfish released to grow up & fight another day
1 29# Blackfin Tuna destined for the grill
4 or more Sharks
5 Bailer Mahi with one left with the lockmaster

Mikes' First Blackfin Tuna

Mikes' First Sailfish

Mikes' First Sailfish release


Today's Catch