Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Cleared the locks @ about 7:30 AM after netting a bunch of mullet of various sizes. Ran offshore south of Pelican Flats and began slow trolling in about 95' of water. Caught a dolphin, a miniscule kingfish (dead when brought to boatside), and a spotted wahoo. After another hour and a half my son and I grew restless and decided to use the "run & gun" technique for finding dolphin After an hour of running and looking came upon a pallet in 200' of water due east of PC. BAM, boated 11 dolphin between 5 and 12 pounds. Cleaned up the boat and decided to haul butt home to catch the end of the FSU / Notre Dame game. Got sidetracked en route to PC when we ran up on a tree stump north of Pelican Flats in 103' of water, BAM, another 3 dolphin.  Weather was beautiful and seas were calm with a 6' ground swell.

Hooked up my buddy lockmaster Bob at the PC locks with a 2 of the 14 dolphin.

Todays Catch