Caught Aboard the:

" Goin Off "


Fished today with Bob Miller and Chuck Rehm and if today is any indication of the what's to come in 2006 then it will be a very good year for the "Goin Off". We cleared the port at about 8:00 AM and ran offshore at 28 knots on an almost glassy sea. First stop proved to be the right stop at a wreck for bait and while using our sabiki rods to get bait a school of Cobia swims up and Bob and Chuck hook up and the first and largest cobia of the day goes on ice within the first 10 minutes of fishing. We release the second fish a short which will prove to be one of at least five or six for the day. We anchored on the wreck until about 1:00 PM and manage to ice another three cobia and break another large one off at the boat that was at least as large or larger than our biggest.

After things slow down a little we decide to go do some bottom bumping on a nearby rock pile. We caught the two kingfish on  with mono leaders and circle hooks meant for cobia or bottom fish and we treated to a show as we watched in awe as kingfish, many as large as the 25 to 30 pounds were skyrocketing on bait. Managed to get a couple of pictures of the kingfish in mid-air. We fought of shark after shark and were able to ice one nice snapper in a addition to the kingfish.
What an awesome day, good friends, good fishing and beautiful weather!!!!! Can't wait to go again and this is definitely the way to bring in the new year.

1/2/2006 Tasty Follow Up - Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Kingfish hanging on the bragging board and their timely and "tasty" end. Man I love smoked kingfish!!!!! Yummee

Our final tally for the day
4 - Cobia to around 40 pounds
2 - Kingfish 30 more or less pounds
1 - Red Snapper

Today's crew with our catch

Flying Kingfish



First Batch Hot off the smoker

The smoker

Second batch undergoing treatment