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Comments from my clients
on their experience aboard the "Goin Off"


Bob Tyler wrote on 5/13/2009:


I am back to work & reality! Just a quick note to say how much fun we all had fishing with you. Iíve forwarded your e-mail and link to all my co-workers and friends and they are all very impressed!

Thanks again,

Bob Tyler 
Sales Manager
Xerox Canada Ltd  

Link to Bob Tyler's trip: 5/4/2009
First time deep sea fishing for Bob, Nick, Koni, and Michael from Orleans, Ontario Canada


Isri Persaud wrote on 5/3/2009:

Capt. John

My friend, Scott from was correct He recommended you and told me that my family would love go fishing with you because you are the BEST And indeed we were delighted not so much for the fish we caught, but you have taken care of us as your own My thanks again to you and Maria's recipe was a blast


Link to Isri's trip: 5/2/2009
A happy birthday for Rani!


Matt Wilton wrote on 4/13/2009:


Thanks for the GREAT TIME. Reece and I really had fun and have been telling everyone about the trip. I am attaching some of the pictures I took hopefully, they will add to your collection. Thanks again for a trip of a lifetime,


Matthew Wilton
Director of Dining Services
Saginaw Valley State University

Link to Matt and Reece's trip: 4/9/2009
Boy's day out with Matt and Reese from Michigan

Erik Laine wrote on 3/16/2009:


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time deep sea fishing!  It ended up being a perfect day, from the Cobia surrounded Manta Ray, to Porpoises swimming with the boat, to wrestling the AJ Reef Donkeys!  None of us dreamt that we would enjoy ourselves as much as we did!  Thanks for everything, we will definitely be giving your name to anyone coming anywhere near your area for an unforgettable day at sea!  Hope to see you again, sooner than later!   

Erik Laine

Realtor / MN General Contractor
Ewing Group Realty / LP Design

Link to Erik's trip:  3/12/09
Erik, Joanne, and Steve catch a bunch!


Stephen Sweigart wrote on 2/24/2008:


great day and fastastic day of have a great fishing machine..hopefully if i'm down here i'd like to charter a tuna trip with you....guess we will see what happens here at work.....gonna attach pix to two different emails at file too large to send all as one 

thanks again for a great time


Link to Stephen's trip:  2/24/2008
Cobia, Kingfish, and a Sailfish for Stephen & Jonathan


Joe Wright from New Mexico wrote on 7/27/2007:

Hey John,

Those are sure some good pictures. I've been back at work for 3 days now, but my mind is still off shore, that was a great day of fishing. This trip was a great week of fishing, I can't believe I was able to go offshore 3 different times in such a short period of time, it was great. As it stands I probably won't be able to come back until Christmas, hope we get some good fishing weather then, at least we won't have lightning. Your boat is sure a dream to fish from, can't wait to go again. Well once again thanks for a great day of fishing , stay in touch, and have a great time with your boat.


Link to Joe's trip:  7/21/2007
" Joe Wright Sr., Joe Jr. from New Mexico & Donnie Poston mixed bag"


Chris Schollmeyer wrote on 1/10/2008:

Hey John,

We had a great time and thank you for spending the extra time for those last few fish, anyway, Jaimie called in sick today and he has the pics so i will send them to you sometime this weekend, thanks again we had a lot of fun.

Link to Chris's trip: 1-9-2008
Bottom bumpin' with the firehouse crew John, Mike, Chris and Jamie