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Redfish, Snook & more Flounder
 aboard the "Goin Off"

Today my crew was my brother Bobby and his wife Linda, Frank and his brother John Martin, Frank and Johns father. The plan of the day was to try to pound some flounder and catch a few snook and redfish for a fish fry my brother was planning with his neighbors in Missouri. Since his fish fry was planned to feed about a hundred people our work was certainly cut out for us.

Started the day by loading up on the finger mullet which was no problem since the mullet run is now in full swing.

Tried a number of our favorite spots for flounder and finally found what we were looking for in the afternoon. As you can see the weather was beautiful and we did catch Snook, Redfish and a number of flounder. Not enough for the fry but a great start and with some of the Cobia and Mahi-Mahi vacuum packed in my freezer I was able to send them north to Missouri with the majority of the fish they would need.

Check out the pictures below for a great day of fishing

Final tally for the day:
6 Flounder
4 Redfish
2 Snook (one over and one under slot size)

Today's Catch
The Adair Clan

The Martin Brothers


John Martin

and my brother

Bob both get

sweet flatties!!


Linda's Undersized Snook

Frank's Oversized Snook


Even Capt. John

 gets in on

 the action