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Cobia, Kings and more for the holiday weekend.


Today my fishing buddies were my son John, Mason Williams and his son Brent, and Donnie Poston who we picked up at Sunrise Marina. Ran down the beach and picked up a few pogies for some live bait.

We had heard that there were a few cobia around so we decided to try our luck and had we caught the big one that got away we would have scored BIG! We spent most of the day sight fishing broken weeds just inshore of 8A reef and saw a few free swimmers. Caught a total of four Cobia with two shorts released to grow up. The hook on the jig straightened on a large cobe we estimated the weight to be around fifty five to sixty pounds just out of reach at the side of the boat.

Caught the kings just for fun and for my wife Maria to take to work to give some of her coworkers. It was great getting back offshore with my son and fishin' buds. Haven't had a chance to fish with them for a while and it was fun to get out with them again.

Final tally for the day:

5 Kingfish kept for the Maria's friends
4 Cobia with two released to grow up.
3 Atlantic Sharpnose shark released.

John bowed up on his Cobia with Mason at the ready.

Yikes, no way I'm going in there!

A few Grasshoppers show up and provide entertainment
but too small to even try to catch.

The crew with our catch.
Donnie didn't make it in time for the pictures.