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Ross & Lisa visiting from Germany

Today I was fortunate enough to have Ross and Lisa who are visiting Ross's father in Cape Canaveral. This is a well earned rest for Ross who is in the US Army and stationed in Germany. I has been a long awaited opportunity for them and their two children to visit their grandparents and enjoy a little R & R.

Unfortunately the pogies have disappeared so off to Pelican Flats we went and with spinning minnows (Spanish Sardines) and a few ribbonfish we had slow but steady action for most of the day. Like I told Ross and Lisa just before we started to head in I had hoped for a little more action but there was enough to eliminate the boredom and ended up what I call a "Heinz 57" day. This was Lisa's first trip offshore and she really took to it like a fish to the water and as you can see from the picture below showed really good form for a newbie to offshore fishing.

Fortunately the kingfish cooperated and we were able to put together enough kingfish filets to provide for a really good fish fry and some for the freezer as well. I really enjoyed their company and hope that I'll get to see them again in the future.

Final tally for the day:
13 Kingfish
1 Barracuda
7 Sharks released

Lisa showing good form for a newbie.

Ross assuring Lisa that he has everything under control
 and, no I won't let him get away.

Ross & Lisa with today's catch.