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Joe Wright, Joe Wright Jr. from New Mexico
and Donnie Poston from Cocoa

Today my crew was Joe Wright, Joe Wright Jr. from New Mexico and Donnie Poston from Cocoa. We left doubtful that the pogies would be available but got lucky down near the steeple in Cocoa Beach and netted enough to share with a friend Mason Williams on the "Big Shooter".

Off to Pelican Flats we went and with the pogies and we had steady action the entire time we were fishing. Unfortunately it seems as though every shark on the flats was following us around and I'll bet we caught no less that 30 of them.

Then the first storm moved in and my friend aboard the "Big Shooter" took off for PC and was able to beat the storm in and get a table at "Grills" while the rain came down and the lightening popped. We couldn't take off since we were hooked up with Joe Jr.'s cobia and gaffer Mahi swam up during the tussle and we pitched him a pogie. Fortunately for us the first storm moved through Pelican Flats and didn't let go until it was inshore of us.

After sticking the iron to the cobia and Mahi we decided that since another storm was bearing down on us and was still building we'd high tail it for the house. I really do love that 12 KW Furuno radar. I was able to navigate safely through the storm and avoid the areas of the heaviest rain and stay away from the wall clouds where the lightening was most concentrated.

Got to the house and cleaned fish in a drizzling rain and sent Joe, Joe Jr. & Donnie home with a really nice mess of fish to take back to New Mexico.

Final tally for the day:
3 Kingfish
1 Mahi-Mahi
1 38# Cobia
Many Many Sharks released

Joe Jr. & today's catch with his 38# Cobia.

Joe Wright Sr., Joe Jr. and Donnie Poston
with today's Catch.