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Chuck and Lou catch some Kings, a Cobia, and Mahi-Mahi.


Today my fishing buddies were Chuck and Lou from Clewiston. Wanted to score them some fish for an upcoming fish fry with friends at the office.

Started the day down south on the beach catching pogies as usual and they are still not a balled up as I would like them to be since lately I haven't been able to score them on one throw of the net. Off to Pelican Flats we went and the kingfish bite was solid, had so many hits, cutoffs, pulled hooks and fish on that I wasn't able to get all four rods out until 11:00. A little after 11:00 a bonus 35" Cobe swallowed two of our Pogies and the tag team of Chuck & Lou subdued him pretty quickly.

After limiting out on kings and icing down our Cobia we decided to run offshore in search of Mahi and we were successful in finding the itsy-bitsy ones, and they swam around with us the whole time we were slow trolling the livies. Just couldn't scrounge up a gaffer today to save our life.

We had plenty of action on the kings but the Mahi were a disappointment today. Did accomplish our primary objective of a bunch of fish for the fish fry.

Final tally for the day:

10+ Kingfish to 12#, A limit of six kept for the table and the rest released to fight another day.
1 Cobia 35" about 20-25#
1 Atlantic Sharpnose shark released.
3 small Mahi-Mahi caught and 1 kept for the table.

Chuck & Lou with our bonus Cobia.

Lou with today's catch.