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The Navarro's Family Fishing Trip

Today my crew was Jim Sr., Jim Navarro Jr., Jaret and Jimmy Jr.'s fiancée Sarah for a half day of fishing off Cocoa Beach. It was Sarah's first fishing trip ever and the first time offshore in a boat. Jim Jr. was the photographer for the trip as well as one of the anglers.

After leaving the house and transiting the locks, the first order of business was to acquire some bait. One toss of the net easily accomplished the task.

Fished the beach off Cocoa Beach and below is a pictorial essay of our voyage as well as the results of our trip.

Final tally for the half day trip:
4 Kingfish to 36.8 pounds
1 Bonito

Father & sons Jimmy and Jaret

 Jaret, Jimmy and his fiancée Sarah

"The Morning Sky while speeding up the Banana River "

"The Break of Day"

I'm keeping my eyes on you Jim Sr.!!!

I see you!

"The Canaveral Lock sentinels on duty."

"Cloudy Skies"

Loading the cast net.

One toss and all the bait we need.

Man are these pogies slippery and slimey!

Jimmy's bonito - He's grumpy cause you can't eat this one.

Sarah's turn - First fish ever, help, what do I do???
Great form for a newbie!!!

Why does the fish keep taking off????

Getting close now - just a little more.

WOW!!!! Are all of them this big?

Sarah's first fish a 36.8 pound "SMOKER KING"
Great first catch on 20# spin!!!

Jaret's turn now.

Jaret's 15 pounder comes aboard.

Think I'm excited?

Now dad gets in on the action.

Another happy angler and a 20 pounder for the fish box.

Sarah and her first fish.

Sarah's proof

The happy crew with their catch,
 another great day aboard the all new "Goin Off"!