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Today my crew consisted of a my father, my youngest son John and one of my best fishing bud Mike Ullian and the plan of the day was to break the new boat in even though I didn't even have the tackle lockers or much of anything loaded into her yet. I just picked her up in Ft. Pierce at the Bluewater factory two days ago on Friday.

Anyway we hastily threw a few rods in the boat and set off at 8:00 AM for a quick 4 hour trip, picked up some pogies in the port and off we went to 8A for a little slow trolling. We put out the pogies and within 10 or 15 minutes we hooked up a sailfish which my dad fought on 20# spin for about 30 minutes. I quickly grabbed the fish by the bill, my son snapped a few pictures for the record and the sail was promptly released to fight another day.

We fished another 2 hours and caught a bonito, a couple of kings, a barracuda , a remora and we were back at the dock by 2 PM.

Final tally for the day:
1 Sailfish
2 Kingfish
1 Bonito
1 Spotted Wahoo (Barracuda Released)


First Blood "Sailfish" Released

 Released & ready to fight another day