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"Other Side" Dolphin-a-plenty, but, where's the Yellowfin?

Today my other side crew were my buddies Frank Martin, Donnie Poston, Mason Williams, and Mike Ullian, all with a taste for sashimi. Again we suffered through a bumpy crossing and although we were able to find plenty of packs of birds the Yellowfin tuna had pulled some sort of disappearing act. We found at least 20 large and small packs of birds between 60 and 91 miles offshore and were only able to catch two throw back Yellowfins and one itsy bitsy Blackfin that went back as well.

Found a weed line at 83 nm off and trolled up a nice mess of Mahi with our largest going a little over 40 pounds. Thank goodness catching Mahi on the other side is very reliable right now and in the end we had about 60 pounds of boned filet for everyone to share.  At least the weather laid down for the return home and all the guys gave a thumbs up on the now 3 beanbag sofa in the cockpit for the ride over and back. Hit the port at 7 PM and spoke to a number of other boats that made the crossing today and they were also wondering what happened to the Yellowfins as well. One of my buddies went all the way to the 120 mile weather buoy and only had a couple of throw back Yellowfins and that's a long ride for a goose egg on the tuna. Hooked up my lockmaster bud with a fresh dolphin as we passed through the locks at Port Canaveral.

Final tally for the day:
12 gaffer Dolphin to 40#

Donnie, Mike & Mason with today's catch.
(Frank didn't make it to the filet-a thon.)

Mike & Donnie divvying up todays catch