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Ron, Gary, Steve and Randy return to clean up on the fish.


Returning again today Ron Alford who owns "Expert Investigations and Surveillance" here in Brevard county and his long time friends Gary Petrae, Steve Price and today Randy Strickland for another day of relaxation and renewed friendships.

The day began real early today as we were planning a trip to the other side for tuna. Unfortunately the cursed westerly winds were blowing briskly out of the west again and with a weather forecast for thunderstorms and a large area of thunderstorms headed this way out of the Gulf of Mexico we decided that going that far offshore with such an iffy forecast wouldn't be the smart thing to do.

After learning a hard lesson about netting croakers yesterday I didn't make the same mistake again and we ran down south on the beach and caught a net full of pogies in short order. we ran out to past Pelican flats to the artificial reef site where the Titan Booster are resting and began slow trolling pogies and the kingfish bite was fast and furious. I was so fast and furious we didn't have time to take any pictures. In two and one half hours of fishing we caught at least 30 kings, keeping nine for the table. While fighting a triple header of kings we had a 35 inch cobia swim up to the boat so Ron spoon fed him a pogie and after a short struggle on spinning tackle we added him to the fish box. While the catch and release melee continued we had two gaffer Mahi that offered themselves up to the guys. I'll be quite honest that the fish, releasing kings and tying up rigs wore me out for almost half a day. After a while I advised the guys that the pogie supply was dwindling and we may want to consider saving a few if we happened to run into some fish later in the day that may not be interested in dead bait. Not only that it would give me a chance to catch my breath. Today's kingfish bite was the way fishing is supposed to be.

We finished the day out trolling for Mahi and with the westerly wind and now drizzling rain and unsettled weather we only managed another two bailer Mahi. With all of the action in the morning and a full fish box a great day to be sure.

Final tally for the day:
4 Mahi to 15#
9 Kingfish to 18# (Another 25 to 30 released to grow up)
1 35"Cobia about 25#

Mahi meets Iron.

Ron, Gary and Steve with today's catch.
(Unfortunately Randy didn't make it back in time for the group shot.)