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A break on the briny blue for University of Kentucky

 gymnastics coaches Mo and Chuck


Today I had the pleasure of hosting the women's gymnastics coaches from the University of Kentucky who were visiting Orlando to attend an NCAA meeting and do some recruiting for the school team. They had a day to get away and share some down time to relax and I was the lucky person that had the opportunity to share the day with them.

First order of business as usual was to obtain some live bait and in short order the we caught some pogies in the mouth of Port Canaveral and were on our way. We ran out to Pelican Flats and began slow trolling the pogies and first up was Chuck and after a relatively short battle we released an undersized Cobia at boat side.

It wasn't very long before we were bowed up on Kingfish and we played with them for about another two or three hours to make sure Chuck and Mo had plenty of fish for a fish fry. After the kingfish bite slowed down we drowned some ballyhoo and with the westerly winds the dolphin bite was slow and we only had three or four short strike to show for our efforts.

All in all it was a great day, we got out an back in one piece, caught a few fish and I had the pleasure of sharing the day with a couple of great guys.  I be more than happy to share another day with them again in the future. BTW, good luck next season with the team.

Final tally for the day:
1 Cobia (undersize and released to grow up)
5 Kingfish to 18#

Mo bowed up on a nice Kingfish

Chuck & Mo bowed up on a double.

Chuck & Mo with a Kingfish for dinner tonight.

Mo & Chuck with today's catch.