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Amberjack a plenty aboard the Goin Off

Today my crew was John Pritchard an Army JAG and his friend Joe who was visiting the Magic Kingdom from Virginia. In spite of the really nasty weather weather for the ride offshore to the Cities Service Tanker wreck the weather ended up to be beautiful.

Started the morning getting some Pogies for live bait and off to the Cities Service Tanker wreck we went in full rain gear. Spent four hours catching one amberjack right after another much like the day before. I even got in on the action using my new Butterfly jig combo from Shimano. Man the AJ's really do love them butterflies. Unfortunately one of them got the best of my Trevala F rod when the tip broke during the heat of battle. Guess we'll be testing that "limited lifetime warranty".

Ended the day looking for cobes, saw a manta with no fish and saw a few free swimmers but just couldn't get hooked up.

Final tally for the day:
11 Amberjack with a 3 fish limit kept for the table

Today's Catch for John and Joe