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Kingfish Mayhem at Pelican Flats

Today my brother Bobby, his wife Linda, Alan Coxe from North Dakota, and my son John all came together in hopes that the conditions would come together for some sight fishing for Cobia. We all left my house in Cocoa Beach at 9:00 am hoping the weather would clear but unfortunately mother nature gave us conditions that were not at all favorable for sight fishing; overcast, light rain cool north wind, you get the picture.

Fortunately the pogies have been available lately and we were able to grab a net full just outside the port entrance and even with the poor sight fishing conditions we tried to find some cobes for about two hours to no avail. With boredom and frustration setting in I decided to make a dash to Pelican Flats to put a couple of kings in the box to liven up the day and for some eating and smoking material since it was obvious the cobia thing wasn't going to pan out.

As we slowed down my son John began to assemble the downriggers for some slow trolling. I tied up a couple of pogie rigs and as it turned out the downriggers were never used because as soon as I took the boat out of gear and pitched out the first pogie it was hooked up within seconds and the frenzy began. A quickly as I could tie up a rig and pitch out a bait we were hooked up, many time doubles and triples. We gaffed the first few fish we caught and quickly realized that we needed to pick the ones we gaffed and the release the smaller fish. I felt like Jose Wejebe as I was hanging over the side and releasing kingfish one right after another in between tying rigs and gaffing fish.

The bite continued at this furious pace until we finally gaffed our limit and everyone's arms were knotting up from catching kingfish. We all looked at one another and agreed that enough was enough after catching at least three limits of kingfish and having a bunch of cut offs and pulled hooks. Thank you kingfish for turning a boring day into a crazy day of red hot fishing.

Final tally for the day:
30+ Kingfish (10 kept for the table & the rest released to grow up)

Today's crew with our limit of kings.