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Leap Year Cobia for Jeff & Richard

My crew today were Richard Judkins a contractor I worked closely with while I was employed at AT&T and his brother in law Jeff Sheldon who is visiting from California. The plan of the day was to get some pogies for bait and unfortunately the cool snap we had a day or so ago sent them offshore into deeper water and they were no where to be found anywhere near the beach.

After giving up on the pogies we took off to Pelican Flats to slow troll some spinning minnows (Spanish sardines) and as it turned out that didn't work either. After two hours of slow trolling without a knockdown I picked up and ran to where I got the cobes on Monday in hopes of a repeat performance. Obviously the word was out and there were 15 or 20 boats chasing the rays in the area I found them on Monday. So I moved away from the fleet in search of browner pastures and lo and behold it turned out to be a good move. We found our own bunch of Manta rays and the picture below speaks for itself. Thanks Poseidon for another good day of brownies and the cooler full of vittles for Richard and Jeff.

Final tally for the day:
4 Cobia

Jeff and Richard with today's catch.