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Cobia, Mantas and Meat aboard the Goin Off

My fishin' buds today were Buck Buchanan and Mason Williams as a result of a last minute decision to go based upon the outstanding weather we woke up to. Mason had called me to go fishing with him on his boat the "Big Shooter" and we decided to use the Goin Off instead for the crows nest and the better sight fishing visibility it offered. Mason hadn't rounded up any other buddies so I called Buck and the decision between remodeling a bathroom and fishing today, a very tough one I'll admit, was made and Buck met us at the port on the way out.

Stopped on the way out and netted a load of pogies for the live well and began our search for Cobia just inside buoy #4. It wasn't long before we saw a free swimmer and one cast and he was hooked. I sunk the iron in Bucks first cobe and on the ice he went. Dinner is now being served. Now we're thinking lets get a limit.

Spent most of the rest of the morning aimlessly wandering about looking at a lot of birds diving and pogies flipping everywhere but no cobia to be found. What happened to the fast start and finish?

Finally about 2 PM we hit pay dirt and I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves. Lets just say that we found a bunch of Manta Rays and a mess of fish. If we had had more fishermen aboard filling their limit in federal waters would have been no problem.

Final tally for the day:
6 Cobia largest 65# & 2 between 45# & 50#

Buck like a bird dog on point eyeballing some Mantas

A pair of Manta Rays

A Manta keeps a wary eye on us.

Another one comes and checks us out.

I should have been fixing that bathroom......NOT!

Even Capt. John gets to catch one this time.

Last one comes aboard.

Mason and Buck with today's catch.

The whole crew.

Boy are our friends and neighbors going to be happy!