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Me & my fishin' bud Mike chasing cobia.

Woke up this morning and really hadn't planned on fishing today, however, when I walked outside to get the newspaper and when I saw that the sky was clear and the wind was out of the south-southwest visions of cobia and tripletail flashed through my feeble brain. Being weak minded and easy to tempt I jumped on the phone and called a few of my best buds. Mike Ullian was the only one I called that has his priorities straight and we decided to play hooky and head out from my place at 8:30.

We took off and picked up a few shrimp at Sunrise Marina for the tripletail, one toss of the net nabbed a bunch of pogies for some live bait, and then we headed east to begin our day of sight fishing.

First tripletail we saw I pitched a shrimp - fish on - then off at the boat when he spit the hook. Kept heading offshore and after a while we saw our first free swimming cobia - fish on and I hand the rod down to Mike - he brings him to the boat - in the landing net and into the box and the dinner menu is set.

Next fish a tripletail so I pitched a shrimp - fish on - netted and too short, so I tagged and released him to grow up. By now it was about 3:00 PM and we were thinking about dinner when Mike sights another free swimming tripletail and this time Mike says it's the biggest one he has ever seen. I wheel around the boat to circle back and run for a shrimp and the tripletail disappears, dang!

A few minutes later Mike spots another free swimming Cobe and I take the boat out of gear and make the cast. The fish inhales the jig right next to the boat - fish on - and I hand the rod to Mike again and he fights it to the boat where I sink the iron and now we each have a cobe for the table. Now it's 3:30 PM and with dinner assured we called it a day. I love it when a plan comes together.

Final tally for the day:
2 Cobia 30# & 35#
1 Tripletail tagged and released

Mike and I "Mission Accomplished"