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Bottom Bumpin' with Steven, Christina, & John

Today my son John brought up Steven who is one of his coworkers at Culpeper & Terpening in Ft. Pierce and Stevens girlfriend Christina for a day of offshore fishing. The weather was beautiful but the fishing was a little on the slow side. We found a lot of good bottom with a lot of fish but they seemed to have lock jaw. We really ended up working pretty hard for what we caught. As you can see persistence really paid off and we were able to accomplish our goal of getting a personal best grouper for Steven and a first grouper for Christina.

I caught the reef donkey and my son John, Christina, and Steven caught and released a number of short red snapper, but, we couldn't seem to find a keeper snapper. On the way in we ran across some birds working a weed line and found a few small but legal Mahi for the table as well.

Final tally for the day:
2 Gray Grouper 25# & 28#
1 Amberjack
5 small Mahi

Video of Christina's Catch



Christina's first Grey Grouper.
Note the leader hanging out of his mouth, gut hooked and broke off by someone else before we caught him.

Another picture of Christina's grouper.

Steven's new personal best grouper.


Christina and Steven with today's catch.