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Kingfish for Robbie, Evan and Kendall.

Today my crew consisted of Evan Kosmac , Robbie and Evan's girlfriend Kendall who is visiting. The primary mission today was to make sure that Robbie and Kendall caught a few fish since they don't often have the opportunity in their busy schedules to enjoy any time offshore.

Since the kingfish have been pretty reliable lately at 8A we headed straight there to get on some fish. As expected the kingfish cooperated with a few ribbonfish I had left in my bait freezer and the trusty spinning minnow (spanish sardine) worked as well. After catching seven kingfish we decided to do a little bottom bumping at 8A. We caught a number of short red snapper and released a bunch of small sea bass. Evan and Robbie did manage to catch a couple of keeper lane snapper for the table. We returned to my house here in Cocoa Beach where I skinned the kingfish for them. My wife was frying a batch of kingfish from the day before yesterday for our dinner and one taste of her fried fish allayed any reservations as to the table quality of Kingfish. Another great day on the water with good friends and a few fish for the table.

Final tally for the day:
2 Lane Snapper
7 Kingfish

Robbie, Evan and Kendall.