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Tripletail & Kings with Donnie, David & Joe 

Today my crew consisted of Donnie Poston , Joe Wright and David Biega who owns Canaveral Propellers in Port Canaveral. If you ever need some work done on your props David is your man. I had my props re-pitched and he fixed a ding in one of the cavitation plates on my Suzuki's and you can't even tell it was dinged after his welding and grinding.

We started our day trying to cash in on some tripletail for the table and while we were able to catch the three you see in the picture the frustration level rose to a pretty high level when a number of others we found had lock jaw. Adding to the frustration were the terns who were ferocious today and nabbed and number of our "hand picked" shrimp and made it hard to get the shrimp to the tripletail.

We decided to proceed offshore to join the kingfishing fleet at 8A to catch some kings for the table and the smoker rather than continuing to feed the birds. I'll be smoking up a batch tomorrow for Joe to take back home with him when he returns to New Mexico after January 6. Another great day on the water with good friends and a few fish for the table.

Final tally for the day:
3 Tripletail
6 Kingfish

Donnie, Joe and David with today's catch.