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Quick trip with Frank, Trent & John for dinner  

Today after some last minute shopping with my wife getting ready for tomorrows Christmas Eve dinner at the Adair house with the river looking like a sheet of glass and with the supply of fresh fish at home at zero a quick trip was in order. I made a call to Frank Martin to see if he'd go and with my son John at home the crew was set.

Didn't get to the Port Canaveral boat ramp to pick up Frank until 1:30. Running offshore at 28 knots in the 6' swell was no problem and the shoal at the cape looked rideable with head high + surf. Slowed down and went on the prowl for trips and cobes and the only real life we found was some bonito at the clean water edge about 8 miles off the beach. We did find a weed line, well sort of, and upon closer investigation it turned out to be a current rip with a few weeds and you guessed it, "Red Tide". I recognized it from the reddish brown tinge and streaks in the rip. So we headed back in towards Port Canaveral and made a couple of stops and were able to catch a couple of Tripletail and a sheepshead for the dinner table and were greeted in the port by a lot of floating fish carcasses obviously killed by the red tide.

Anyway mission accomplished, fresh fish for the table and all I want for Christmas is for Santa to pack up this red tide and take it back to the north pole with him.

Final tally for the day:
2 Tripletail
1 Baby Mackerel for bait
1 Sheepshead (not pictured)

Frank and his son Trent with my son John