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Half Day Kingfishing with
Kevin & Rolf from Ft. Lauderdale

Today my crew was my fishin bud Mike Ullian working as my mate to help me out with Kevin and Rolf who were up from Ft. Lauderdale up for a half day charter. Rolf brought Kevin up to go fishing on the Goin Off to keep Kevin busy while his wife prepared for Kevin's surprise 40th birthday party.

Picked up Mike, Kevin, and Rolf at the Port Canaveral boat ramp at 8:00 AM and wanted to make sure that had as much action as possible for the limited time we had available since Rolf had to have him back in Ft. Lauderdale by 4:00 PM for the party.

Off to 8A we went lickety split and we wet our lines by 9:00. With a few ribbonfish I had vacuum packed earlier this summer and a box of spinning minnows (spanish sardines) the kingfish cooperated and we were able to ice a limit of eight decent sized kings by 11:00 AM. Headed back in towards PC after filling our limit and spent a few minutes looking for cobes and tripletail but unfortunately ware only able to see a few small tripletail in the half hour or so we had left to sight fish.

Returned at Sunrise Marina by 12:30 PM and I cleaned their fish at the cleaning table at the marina while Mike waited in the Goin Off for me to finish up and send Kevin and Rolf on their way. Kevin and Rolf ended up with a 50 qt. cooler full of kingfish steaks and took 26 lbs of boned fillets over to Wes at "Smokehouse Foods" to get the rest of the kingfish smoked up. Had them on their way back to Ft. Lauderdale by 1:30 PM after a very successful half day at 8A.

Final tally for the day:
8 Kingfish between 12 and 20 pounds.

Kevin and Rolf with today's catch