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Mixed bag offshore bottom bumpin with my buds.

    Today my fishing buddies were my buds Mason Williams, his son Brent, Mike Ullian and Donnie Poston and it was really great to get back on the water with them. We started off the day south down the beach near the steeple where we sabikied up a bunch of greenies. The off to the 80' bottom down south near Melbourne we went.
Fished most of the day in 75' to 85' of water and the best bite was on early in the day. We had good action most of the day catching and releasing short red snapper and sea bass. As usual when a school of cobes showed up it was pandemonium. Fortunately for the cobes, out of the six that were netted and boated, four were short. We pitched two of the four shorts back back before I remembered to get out the tags to tag the last two.
We had very little current and it was flat calm all day, man what a great day it was. We were having so much fun we didn't move out to the deeper water to go looking for the grouper. Next time out it's a grouper diggin in the deep water for me. I want to get a few before the upcoming closure in January.

Final tally for the day:

1 20# Gag Grouper
5 Red Snapper
6 Lane Snapper
2 Mangrove Snapper
6 Cobia with two released and another two tagged and released.
3 Kingfish
8 Lane Snapper
A bunch of Sharpnose Sharks released.
A bunch of Triggerfish and Sea Bass.

Today's crew with our catch.